Child Models – ‘All About Me’ Sessions

Child Models

Highlight your child’s special talents with our ‘All About Me’ videos. Maybe you have some budding child models just waiting to strut their stuff?

Our “All About Me” sessions are a great way to showcase your child’s personality. Whether they like to dance, paint, play sport or a musical instrument, this is an excellent opportunity to document their growing interests and talents. You can find out more about our “All About Me” sessions and the different options to have one created for your child here.

Meet Ai-Vy

At 9 years old she loves to dance ballet and jazz as well as play the violin and piano. Not only does she have a creative flair she also likes using the other side of her brain. You see Ai-Vy is fascinated with dinosaurs and wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Good luck Ai-Vy!


Does your child have a passion or talent? Are they emerging child models? These videos can be used to document your child as they are now. Their personality, their voice, their activities and behaviours.

Contact the studio to find out how we can create one of these beautiful memento video pieces for your child. As a parent just imagine what it would feel like to look back many years from now and see your adult child as they are today. To find out more you can read this article that describes our All About Me sessions a little more.

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Child models. Melbourne Kids Photographer

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  • Kirsty Bryson

    This is fantastic Warren what a great idea!

  • This is fantastic Warren what a great idea!

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